I remember when I was growing up in central Illinois (read: the boonies), I had to listen to my friends talk about how English should be the official language of the U.S., and "why can't those idiots just learn to talk right?" That's part of why I left to come to Chicago. But I guess that bullshit is alive and well here too.


Colin Hughes Taylor said...

To be sure it's not a policy that I agree with, but I don't agree that an English-only policy violates EEOC regs that ban national-origin discrimination.
If Supercuts wants, why can't they require an English-only workplace?

Dow Jones said...

I don't necessarily believe that Supercuts should be punished by the state for their behavior, I just think you're a real asshole if you don't let your employees speak in whatever language they choose when they're on break.

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

Certainly. . . must be some incredibly insecure managers at Supercuts, worrying that their Latina workers are gossiping about them behind their backs.