The Scrabblor, an effort to defend screw music, pointed out the other day that screwed and chopped is to hip hop what Piper at the Gates of Dawn is to rock, and everyone else looked at him as though he had just said, "your mother sucks cocks in hell!" Rockists.


The Tricyclist said...

i'm totally in the dark about 2/3 of the references in this post. so who's the rockist now?

scrabblor said...

'piper at the gates of dawn'is the first album by pink floyd (I think its the first anyways). It was before Syd Barrett went crazy and the band was taken over by his lackies and as a result its put on a pedestal as an early psychpunk masterpiece....
It will be a lot cooler when jitney sells a screw tape of it next to all of our bootlegg clothes

scrabblor said...

I just ordered the cd and can burn it on ari's computer... the only remaining question is the name:

scrabblor at the gates of dawn.
Screwed and chopped at the gates of dawn
sippin lean at the gates of dawn
scrabblor at the gates of candypaint
The destruction of your psychedelic masterpiece.

snokilla said...

excuse me for being a 'rockist' or whatever, which is totally not something you should categorize me as, I'm more of a 'discoist' anyways, I'm still unsure about this whole screwed and chopped phenomenon.
So far all it's done is freaked me out, and not in the psychedelic sense. I still think it's a broke down version of psychedelic music.

and the crew you said that in front of happens to love love love that pink floyd album, that's why the looks were given, and they are also by no means whatsoever 'rockists' they just have extremely wonderful and selective taste, that I truly admire.

i loves you boys.

-mz snokilla-

Beelzebub said...

Your mother sucks cocks in hell!