Demands have been made.

I tried to post this last night, but our computer froze right before I published. She's a tough old broad, this emachine... little does she know, her replacement is on the way. You can expect more regular posting after the laptop arrives.

I considered waiting until my tattoo was not so new-tattoo-scabby to post a picture, but when Colin Taylor asks to you to post your tattoo, you post your tattoo, goddamn it.
It is healing up nicely, though, and I don't think this photo will offend our more squeamish readers. In the end the heart will not be two-toned. The dark spots are the previously mentioned scabs. They will come off, leaving only the baby soft skin of my flabby right arm.
I have only two thoughts about my tattoo experience:
1) That was it?!?!?!?! Removing the tape that held the bandage in place hurt more than the actual injection of the ink. I was pleasantly surprised when the process just made me wince, not cry out in pain as I expected. Listen for those cries next time, though, when I get inked in a more sensitive spot. This one is near my shoulder, the meatiest (you know, muscle-bound) part of my arm. So I guess I got off easy this time.
2) When can I get my next one??? My little girl is already very lonely, and it's not for lack of plans on my part. It's because I lack the funds. Any donations toward my drawn-upon skin would be happily accepted.

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