Funny You Should Ask...

Today was the first story hour at the new library down the street. My friend Karen and I decided to meet there, with our respective rug-rats in tow. We weren't sure how the kids would handle it, so we agreed beforehand that we would be willing to jet if necessary. This is something I really appreciate about Karen; she is a good mommy-friend to have.
The story hour was really only 10 minutes of books about bunnies. Following the books was a craft (making a bunny), and Karen and I decided this might be a bit much for our little ones. We snuck out and headed to the children's section of the library, where there were books galore for the kids to rip from shelves, spread out on tables or the floor, and devour at a frantic pace.
For a few minutes Simon was fixated on stealing books away from baby Kalie, but other than that, things were going well. Kalie was getting a bit antsy, and Karen asked me how she looked (she was strapped on to her mom's chest, facing forward in the Snugli, so it was easier for me to see her face). I reassured Karen that the baby was still smiling. Then, being the good mommy-friend she is, Karen asked how Simon was doing.
The instant the words left her mouth, Simon let fly a drum-shattering scream. And the screaming continued in a rhythmic, pulsing pattern. Yes, everyone in the library turned to look at us, in one of those moments mothers dread but cannot seem to avoid.
I decided it was time to go. And, of course, Karen understood, because she is a good mommy-friend.

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