Missing Chief

Just got the news that Rehnquist died. Also, the news is showing a clip of Kanye saying, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Looks like it's time for G.W. to nominate another Clarence Thomas to smooth it all over.
Seriously, what the fuck is going on in this nation? I'm as much of a Bush hater as anyone, but even I didn't expect this level of incompetence. At this point, I won't be too surprised if Alan Keyes gets nominated for Chief Justice.


Anonymous said...

That would be too logical. Keyes is an expert on the Constitution, whatever else you might say about him.

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

In defense of Justice Thomas (a phrase I've never uttered before), he is probably the most consistent voice on the bench, with a judicial philosophy that, while I certainly disagree with it, is logical, and makes Scalia's "orginialism. . .but" method look even more bullshit than it is. I think that over time Thomas will grow in stature, and gain more respect from the commentariat.

As for Keyes being an "expert" on the constitution --- that's kind of lowering the bar for what we call an expert. By that token, any Ivy League law grad who worked for an administration is an expert. Which, c'mon, they ain't.

Dow Jones said...

I'd be pointed to some evidence to believe that Keyes is an expert on the constitution. Regardless, he certainly isn't qualified to be an SC justice.

Dow Jones said...

Meant to say, "I'd have to be pointed to some evidence."