Not too long ago I remember it was fashionable to write articles about/reference the idea that DJs and producers are the modern equivalent of jazz musicians. But who is who? (This is an idea that I was thinking of while listening to the new DJ Shadow mix that's making the rounds, which is fucking fantabulous. You may be able to still get it at So Many Shrimp. Also, while you're downloading, everyone should check the new Fugees track at Lemon-Red. Lauryn spits her hottest rhymes yet. If you ain't checking new Fugees, you hate music. But I digress.)DJs/jazz musicians
DJ Shadow/Miles Davis
DJ /rupture/Coltrane
Kid 606/Ornette Coleman
Dr. Dre/Louis Armstrong
How about more, including non-jazz musicians? Who's the new Beatles? New Minor Threat? New Electric Light Orchestra? I dare you to say. Dare you!

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