A Poll for our Chicago Readers. All Six of You.

So, today was street cleaning and we left for the playground right at 9 am, when the parking ban begins (yes, we drove because it's my birthday and I'm allowed to be lazy). Upon returning, it was hard to find a spot, of course. I was so tempted to park on the streets with street-cleaning signs up, because all of the cars on them already had tickets. I know the parking ban is from 9 am to 3pm, but my question is this: Do they make more than one ticket sweep? Do you think they would come back looking for more offenders after they had already dispensed the original batch of tickets?
Does anybody know or have experience with this situation? If so, comment, please! Thanks.

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Colin Hughes Taylor said...

According to a source of mine who is an ACTUAL police officer (!), "it depends on if the cop's a dick and wants to ticket people that day."

So. . . fifty-fifty shot.