Predictability and repetition in entertainment can be fun. Some people like the OC, some people like The Diplomats, and some people like A Prarie Home Companion. I like all three. So, I was really bummed to see that Garrison Keillor is suing MNspeak.com over a t-shirt that says "A Prarie Ho Companion". First, he doesn't even have a case. Second, the t-shirt is so unfunny that it shouldn't warrant anyone's attention. All suing them is going to do is put more unfunny t-shirts on the streets, and no one wants that. And lastly, what the fuck GK? Get a sense of humor, old guy.
It's like Cam'ron once said:
duck duck goose,
pump pump shoot
shoot, let's get down, down
it may seem petty
but we all turn mean deadly for green feddy
my whole team ready
I'm sure Garrison would agree.

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