Today I am twenty-four.

I must admit, since becoming a mommy, birthdays have been a little underwhelming. I guess it's because I'm alone with my guy all day, and our routine is exactly the same as every other day. So I decided I could take some steps to make this day stand out a bit, if only in small ways.
1. When Simon woke up, I announced, a little self-consciously, "It's mommy's birthday!" And I think he understood on some level. He has been much more lovey than usual, displaying affection of his own volition, but also not complaining as I've smothered him in an inordinate amount of hugs, kisses, and embarrassing compliments.
One thing he definitely understands, and I quote, "Mommy's birthday! Cake?"
2. I took Simon to the playground with the intention of staying as long as his little murmuring heart desired. This may sound like a selfless act, but my goal was to ensure he would be worn out enough for a nap later today. Because a birthday when the kid doesn't nap really isn't a birthday at all.
3. After leaving the playground we stopped for some ice cream and Nutty Bars.
4. Instead of putting on Elmo or Baby Einstein, we put on Stop Making Sense.
5. Tonight I'm having a picture drawn on my arm. And it's going to stay there forever. HOLY SHIT!
I think I succeeded in making today special and somewhat celebratory, even though I'll still have to change poopy diapers.

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Colin Hughes Taylor said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday to Chicago's coolest mama. Have a fun weekend downstate celebrating!