The Yo-Yo that is my Motivation

I had the laziest week ever. Really. I mean record-setting laziness. I managed to cut back my normal 8-10 weekly workouts to one measly walk all week! During Simon's nap (one of the two time-slots during which I usually exercise) I decided to watch 3 consecutive hours of TV. Every day. (Two soap operas and then Ellen who, thank God, has taken Dr. Phil's 3:00 time; I love Ellen, and I love watching Kanye on Ellen. Two beautiful people.) I don't know why I lost my motivation to do anything productive during my extremely scarce free time this week. I guess I just needed a break.
Maybe I was storing up my energy for tonight, as I knew I had to make cookies for a few church events this weekend. And I baked the shit out of those cookies. For 5 straight hours I made cookies. Thousands of cookies. Cookies, cookies, cookies.
Now I am tired. And you are craving cookies. Ha ha.

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