If you don't know, you should: I heart dj /rupture. This post on his Mudd Up! blog is particularly great: DJ RUPTURE'S 10-STEP GUIDE TO SELLING OUT. It deserves to be read, but the gist is that /rupture has no problem with getting paid, regardless of the source. I have to agree. Money=food, more/better recording equipment, and maybe even some savings. I think those that bitch about selling out usually take these things for granted. Also, the quote in the post, from another blog's comments, "Would anybody be upset if UGK was used to promote a new Chevy Impala? No, fools would be like 'golly gosh this is so cool! I LOVE that southern rap is getting the attention it deserves!!'" is a great point. If I ever get a call from the man talking $, there's almost no question what my reply is. And to anyone who has beef, my reply is the words of Kanye. "Fuck you, pay me."

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