I've listened to a lot of pundits talk about the Libby indictment today on CNBC (CNBC is the only channel that's ever on in the office) and NPR, and, what the fuck? All of them have basically pronounced this a non-story. I would love to link to examples of this, but I'm not sure where to go since on NPR it was the live coverage and CNBC is TV, you know. One example I remember pretty clearly, from NPR, basically went something like this: "No one knew who Libby was before this investigation, and after Bush nominates the next Supreme Court justice, everyone will have forgotten about this."

Thankfully, after this idiot, Nina Totenburg (sp?) was asked to comment, and she said the only intelligent thing I've heard anyone say about the indictment all day. To paraphrase, she said that there are two possibilities as to how this will play out:

1. Libby cops a plea and incriminates more people in the White House. Ms. Totenburg didn't take this any further, but obviously, if this happens it will most likely be a MAJOR shitstorm for the White House.

2. It goes to court. Unless Libby pleads guilty and is comfortable with going to jail for his scumbag bosses, I would assume that he will try to portray himself as carrying out the will of others. Again, shitstorm.

Not a big deal for the Bush administration? Who are these people and can someone please explain to them that an indictment doesn't mean everything is over and we can all go home and sing Kum Ba Yah. Five counts folks. Shit is not even close to over.