Looking at my positive pregnancy test this morning, a flood of emotions washed over me. These emotions varied greatly from what I felt the last time I discovered I was pregnant, when I was 20, single, and still reeling from having committed the gravest of sins --- giving away my virginity, to a non-Christian heathen, nonetheless. Allow me to illustrate the difference:

Last Time:

This Time:

Painfully obvious conclusion: When it comes to pregnancy, a committed relationship, a stable home, and a faith based on love rather than guilt can make a pretty significant difference.


snokilla said...

Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!! OHMIGOD. THat is so wonderful!!!!! Congratulations. I think I understand a bit the difference of emotions. My best friend Amy just went through something similar. She got pregnant the first time when she was 20, and unmarried, but in a relationship, living in 'sin' with her boyfriend (southern baptist family) I remember her calling me and we were both like F*** what are we going to do??? She ended up having the most amazing little girl of all time (my goddaughter Jade) and she's now pregnant again and this time we were able to scream and get excited and jump up and down.
So yay! Let's jump up and down and get excited.
I'm truly happy for you guys, you are such wonderful parents!!!!

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

BABIES!!! WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good, God is great! I will slaughter a hundred bulls today in honor of your new child. Or, more appropriately, will begin the search for creative children's names.

Maia? Sunder? Miki? (these are all dog names, but could be easily transfered).