Fizzy Goodness

This beverage is currently making my wonderful life even wonderfuller. Because I'm feeling a lot of pressure to feed only the healthiest of foods to my incubating baby, it's fun to feel like I'm cheating by drinking some soda. But it's not soda! It's just juice! It's equal to a serving of fruit, according to the bottle!

Also, it contains one precious gram of protein, and every little bit adds up to help me reach my goal of 100 grams a day. Holy God, 100 grams is sooooo much, especially for someone who seldom enjoys those protein-packed foods of the animal flesh variety. Today I kept a protein log, adding up my grams throughout the day, just like I used to write down my calories when I was trying to lose weight. It's a bit tedious, but I'm willing to try anything to avoid a rematch with my arch-rival, preeclampsia. Nothing is guaranteed, but both a woman at the Farm and my nurse-midwife said research suggests ample protein may help prevent that nasty condition.

So, except for the other day when I dreamt that my uterus fell out in the shower, I am very hopeful for a better, healthier pregnancy and delivery. And hope is beautiful.

On a sidenote, I feel so grateful to be married to a man who makes the world's tastiest stove-top popcorn. Thank you, God.

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