Haagen-Dazs new flavor, Caramel Cone, is absolutely fucking delicious. You gotta try it.

Today I went to the Sprint store downtown for reasons related to the fact that Laura's phone has been busted for a few weeks now. At this Sprint store, there's a phone store hostess, who takes your name and your reason for being there. The lady in front of me at the hostess' kiosk, let's call her J. Doe, shook her perfectly normal looking phone in the air and sighed, "I just HAVE to get a new phone. This one is not working for me." The hostess took her name and almost immediately an employee called her name and took her to the wall of phones for her to choose from. I was not so lucky, and had a fifteen minute or so wait.

As I was killing time pretending to be interested in the phones on the wall, I managed to overhear Ms. Doe telling the person showing her phones that her old phone was "cramping her style". "It's all about your phone," she then informed him.

Later, after wandering over to the other wall, where they keep the Nextel i530 that "Adheres to Military 810F Spec", I saw J. holding her prospective new phone and asking the Sprint salesman if he liked it. She then opened it up (flip phone), held it up to her head and started talking into it, and asked the salesman, "So it looks good?" HELD IT UP TO HER HEAD AND PRETENDED TO TALK ON THE PHONE. Is this normal? If it looks good in your hand, won't it probably look good when you're talking on it? And don't all phones look almost exactly the same, save for the different basic types: candy bar, flip, and Blackberry/Trio? Someone please help me understand.


eric strauss said...

I was just "next bloggin'" through the blogger blogs when yours popped up. To be honest, it's the sort of thing that I typically next blog right through.

But I noticed that amidst your links is "The Obtuse Angle," which so happens, is probably my favorite podcast.

Now I know Dupont has a decent listenership, but nevertheless, I must say that the odds of me chancing upon someone that links to his site seem rather remote.

"Small world," I believe, is the expression that such circumstances dictate.


Colin Hughes Taylor said...

"candy bar?" Dude. C'mon.

Dow Jones said...

You heard me. Candy bar.