Leaving my Mark on the Streets of Peoria

Today I had my first bout with morning sickness. Now, I don't have anything to compare it to, as I never hurled during pregnancy #1, but I thought this was some pretty intense morning sickness. First of all, MY GOD, the headache. Then, the misery of driving while nauseated, trying not to think about how sick I feel, but feeling more and more sick because I can't stop thinking about it. Finally, the panicky moment when I realize it's coming up, and I'm in my dad's car, yet so close to my sister's house. Must keep driving.... must reach toilet..... must control gag reflex..... Alas, I was not successful in my efforts to stop the inevitable. So I had some put-on-your-hazard-lights-and-open-your-door-in-moving-traffic-to-puke morning sickness. Goddamn disgusting.

Why did we decide to get pregnant again? Oh yeah, because after these nine months of potential hell, we will have one of those great little pink bodies to wrap up and gaze at for hours on end. We will meet a brand new person. I, for one, plan on liking that person a lot.

I promise that if I continue to have morning sickness during this pregnancy, I may mention it in passing, but will not describe it in such detail as I did today. It was the first time ever, so give me some grace, please.


HollyRhea said...

I have a theory that GOd designed our minds to work in perfect 12 month increments...just long enough to forget what life was like 12 months ago.

so we'd have more than one child.

hi! I'm commenting while tipsy!


abbie tear said...

Babies, babies, babies... they are so much work once they're born that I'd figure God would give you those 9 mos. preceding to rest and relax and just generally feel good. Not the case, unfortunately. But don't worry--for all its awfulness (I honestly don't know who came up with 'morning sickness'; mine did not care what time of day it was), it is truly fleeting--lasting only the first trimester or so. Hopefully that will be uplifting rather than depressing.