So Bush nominates Alito. Wow. From the point of view of the Bush camp, a perfect pick. Crazily conservative, yet with nothing on his record that will sufficiently piss off the public to get much of Congress concerned enough to vote no.

He's written more than a few interesting opinions over the years, but, as all the newspapers and blogs have written already, the most controversial is Planned Parenthood v. Casey, where, in dissent with the rest of his fellow judges, he defended a provision of a Pennsylvania law that required women to notify their spouses before getting an abortion.

While I would disagree with any argument (at least that I can think of) that reached Alito's conclusion regarding the spousal notification requirement, the argument he used was particularly bothersome. He said that spousal notification was not an "undue burden" on the process of getting an abortion. Or, in other words, he asked, "How can being required to notify your spouse possibly interfere with your plan to get an abortion?" and his answer was, "It can't."

This, my friends, is fucked up. And the Supreme Court agreed. BUT, I think the sad fact is, most of America won't care enough to stop the confirmation. And, of course, many folks don't care at all, because they'd probably be happy if the spouse stopped the abortion at all costs. Damn it.

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