I love the "Lazy Sunday" video as much as the next guy. But this article in Slate is some of the dumbest shit I've ever read: "The popularity of the Narnia rap might augur a reawakening at SNL—in fact, there are already T-shirts that parrot the song's catchphrases. It's more significant, though, for what it says about the state of rap."

I'd spend some time explaining why this article is fucking stupid, but we gotta bounce out of here for X-mas. Hopefully you're smart enough to recognize it for yourself. I've seen a lot of articles over the years lamenting how hiphop was so much better back in the good old days, I just figured the folks at Slate were smarter than that.

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Big Brother Matrix said...

thanks for the link to that article (which i'd still like to read your critique of). . .it led me to the SNL video and i was crackin up. . the rap sounded Atmosphere-y. . merry xmas.