Lately in the WuKids house we have been having a lot of potty talk. Simon is showing a budding curiosity in all things potty, be it the body parts that produce the potty-filling products or the potty itself. It's pretty much all talk; there is no accompanying action, such as Simon sitting on the potty and using it. Still, I am trying to keep my hopes up that all of this talk might eventually lead to a 3 year old who can piss and shit in a toilet.

Part of my job, as I see it, is to shed a positive light on the potty, so that he might one day be interested in becoming better acquainted with it. This crusade for positivity can result in some ridiculous statements on my part. "No, Simon, the toilet is not yucky and gross. You would never want to put your toys in there, and you should never, ever put your mouth on any part of it. But it's not gross. It's normal and... and wonderful."

As I learned this morning, my campaign for positive potty talk can also be trumped by his young logic. Witness our conversation atop the changing table. He had just beckoned me to his room because of a poopy diaper, or so he said.

Me: This is not a poop. This is a pee pee.
Simon: Pee pee is yucky?
M: No, it's not yucky. Everyone does it.
S: It's stinky and gross?
M: No, it's normal to go pee pee.
S: It's very, very gross.
M: No, Simon, pee pee is normal. Everyone goes pee.
S: Everyone is gross.


AlmightyScrabblor said...

simon is absolutely right. EVERYONE is gross, but the thing to point out is that some like it gross.

Anonymous said...

This cracked my piss and shit up. Rock on, Simon.