Ina May Gaskin ---midwife, author, and hippie extrordinaire--- has a phrase she likes to teach woman in preparation for their labors. She especially likes to say these words to women whose babies appear to be whoppers. She says, "You're going to get huge." She claims that this simple phrase can often help a woman dialate even beyond the regular 10 cm, because it lets her visualize/internalize/focus on the opening up of her pelvis and cervix. I think that's cool.

Lately, her magic phrase has been popping into my mind, but not in its original context. When I look in a mirror, whether at my face or my body, I cannot believe the changes that are taking place --- already! Only 12 weeks down, and already my thighs are twice as Rueben-esque as before, and my chin is slowly but surely growing a twin. Looking at myself these days, I wonder, what am I going to look like after 6 more months of this? The answer is resoundingly clear:

You're going to get huge, Laura.


Oliver said...

A small price to pay for another little forehead to rub? Of course, it doesn't always feel like a "small" price....Good luck with it all. ~ Angela

snokilla said...

is it possible that you may have twins?
I think that may be quite amazing.

The Tricyclist said...

yes, snokilla, it is possible, in the sense that anything is possible. i have actually been quite nervous about that, since my sister just had twins. hers were identical, and supposedly those are not genetic, just 'a fluke.' so, technically, they don't run in the family.
i think it's too early to tell if there are two babies in my uterus. to be completely honest, i'm hoping for just one. ONE healthy baby. That is my desire.