Rats with Rhyming Names

Here at WuKids, we try to avoid posts that center around the unbelievable cuteness of our son, for a couple reasons:
1. If you've ever met him, you already know.
2. There are far too many instances of profound cuteness to document.
3. You, our readers, may, possibly, I guess, if you happen to be completely callous, get sick of our blathering over his cuteness.

But sometimes a documentation of extreme sweetness cannot be avoided.

Exhibit A:

We are borrowing this book (and its corresponding audio-tape) from the library. We heard the following passage:
"Horace and Morris and Dolores were friends --- the greatest of friends, the truest of friends, the now-and-forever-I'm-yours sort of friends."
Simon immediately looked at me and said, "Mommy and Daddy sort of friends?" While I knew it was certainly one of the cutest things he's ever said, I couldn't be sure of its meaning. Did he mean Nate and I were good friends to each other, or good friends to him? Either way, goddamn, my kid is the cutest ever!

Then, later, after hearing the same passage, he said to Nate, "You the greatest of friends to Mommy?"

That cleared it up nicely.

How do you like that? My two year old can identify great friendship, and he sees it between his parents. This may well keep me feeling warm inside throughout the frigid winter.

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Oliver said...

That is cute.