I don't necessarily shower every day during the winter. Can't really explain why, that's just how I rock it. BUT, yesterday I didn't shower and this morning for some reason the cold water isn't coming out. I've heard of the hot water not working, but the cold water? Damn. So now I'm gonna stink the shit out of everyone near me. I haven't smelled this bad since my best friend was a piece of paraphernalia.

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AlmightyScrabblor said...

snokilla and I can teach you, dowjones, one or two or nine things about putting the stank on.
I think you should savor it.
Don't change your clothes this weekend and next time yr gonna washem, just use that fabreeze.

I remember waiting tables at wholefoods and getting staightup belligerent when my manager told me I was filthy.

"That makes you feel good to say that?" but seriously, I was nasty- greazzy hair and grimey shoes.
&then I shortened the register.
cheers to the unemployability
jeers to people who eat natural foods at restaurants in grocery stores for dozens of dollars.