Gag Me With a Slide Ruler (or, Intelligent Design For Liberals)

Been watching a few clips at MeaningofLife.tv. It's filled with video clips of scientists, philosophers, theologians, and others. I've been watching clips in the "quantum weirdness" section. My first reaction was, this is great, smart folks talking about their areas of expertise. But then I realized that all of these clips are 5 mins. long or so, just enough info to be dangerous. I like the idea of pop-science, but in the form of 200-300 page long books, not 5 min. video clips. Also, I was really frustrated to see that they included some idiots talking about how they think quantum mechanics have something to do with conciousness and/or god. Fuck. There's nothing more annoying than folks who try to use their little glimpse of science that they understand, and then trying to expand that little bit of knowledge to apply to things they have no clue about. I used to do this myself, so I know how tempting it is, but hey, I was in college. That's the time to do those things, not when you're middle age and have an audience of however many people on the internet.
You gotta love that this blabbletygook is coming from people who would balk at the idea of Intelligent Design being taught in the classroom. Pseudo-science is only ok if my side is the one that gets to practice it.

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