Every time I take a break from blogging, I feel pressure to wait until I have a really great post to start writing again. But then I never do, so I never write, and time just keeps passing that way.

Today I am trying to ease myself back in. No great post here, just a few tidbits.

-Simon received some Teletubbies DVD's for Christmas. There is a logo on the front that says, "Teletubbies Teach Happiness." This is true, I find, as long as he is watching them. He screams in delight and giggles hysterically. It's fun to see him in such pure reverie. But my question is, what about when we have to turn it off? When the end arrives, my son is miserable, and what's more, incensed. I would be so appreciative if the Teletubbies could teach kids that they can be happy even after "The sun is setting in the sky; Teletubbies say goodbye."

-Yesterday we picked up a prescription for me at Target. This is notable because I think it's the first time during our marriage that either of us has needed a prescription. It prompted a "How do you do this?" type conversation, you know, the kind that happens whenever you do something for the first time in adulthood. Anyway, I presented my prescription and my Medicaid card, and the pharmacist handed back my medicine. Guess how much it cost. NOTHING!!! ZERO DOLLARS! Nate and I were a little surprised, but mostly just euphorically happy. Things are well in the world when people get medications for free. For a moment we felt like we were part of the elite, receiving free goods while other suckers pay. Then we remembered that we got it for free because we are poor. Oh well. Still a nice moment.

-Another new DVD in our house is Potty Power. We bought this for Simon, hoping it would be inspirational. So far, he seems to be really into the show. We haven't yet encouraged him to translate his enjoyment of the program into actual sitting and going on the potty. We're trying not to push it. The premise of Potty Power involves explaining in clear detail the logistics of going on the potty, wiping, and washing hands. There are also catchy, motivational songs to accompany each aspect of the process. One part of this show reminds me so much of all the evangelical alter calls I have experienced in my lifetime. A pastor or missionary would stand at the front of the church and say, "If you want to go to heaven, you have to say, 'I accept the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior.' Are you ready to say that? Then come up here and kneel at the alter." In the video, while introducing a song, the friendly host Jessica says, "If you want to be a big kid, you have to say, 'No more diapers for me!' Are you ready to say that?" Oh, how I wish Simon would kneel at the alter of the potty and convert.

-Some of you may know that I like to get crafty from time to time. Last year, I painted and decoupaged several pieces of children's furniture. I sold them at my church's bazaar, and people raved over them. I'm always looking for more pieces to paint/decorate/sell when I go thrifting, but they are pretty hard to find.
At church I have seen several cute little chairs and benches around. They are old, a little rickety, and have paint chipping like crazy. I have often thought about how I'd love to get my hands on them. So, yesterday, I finally talked to someone about it. I approached the guy who sort of manages the property and said, "I just wanted to let you know, if you are ever thinking of throwing out these little chairs, please don't. I would love to have them." He took my arm and led me to a storage unit. He opened it and pointed to a trap door in the back. "Behind that door are probably 20 or 30 little wooden chairs. I don't think anybody even knows they're there. Feel free to take any or all of them."
Holy Shit! The motherload! I am so happy!!! Now all I have to do is find some time to craft it up. But first, filthy floors and piles of laundry need to be addressed. Sigh. A little less happy now.

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