Yesterday Had a Theme, and I Really Wish Someone Had Consulted Me Before Choosing It

The sciatica I thought had taken up residence on my right side has sent a surveying party over to my left side. I guess I have New and Improved Sciatica! Now on Both Sides!!! It hurts.

My pregnant body is rebelling against housework. After a very productive day, I ached all over. See, with all that productivity, I wasn't able to fit in a yoga session. So, maybe my body is less anti-housework and more pro-yoga. Either way, the result was pain.

We got a ticket because our license plate sticker had expired, despite having received a new sticker in the mail some two months ago. The ticket was issued a mere 12 hours after Nate and I had an exchange that went something like this: "Hey, we really need to get that sticker on the car." "Oh, you didn't do that? I figured you did it." "No, I thought you would do it." "Okay, anyway, we really need to get that on there." "Yeah." In light of our conversation full of good intentions, that ticket hurts. Indeed it smarts.

We were counting on the magic of credit to help us manage the costs of my Dreambirth (aka homebirth). In the mail yesterday, we received a rejection letter from the credit card we applied for; the reason cited is that we don't have another credit card. While I remain hopeful, that rejection letter caused me some pain.

Finally, yesterday's winner in this category: Around 6 pm, Simon threw up. Then, for the next three hours, he couldn't keep anything down, even water. I can't think of anything more painful that seeing your child feel so miserable and being helpless to fix it.

Here's hoping today's theme is more pleasant.

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