Industry rule #4,080: Record company people are shadeeeee

If you haven't heard, the RIAA is now claiming it's illegal to rip your CDs into mp3s. Thought you paid for the right to listen to the music on your CD in any format you wish after you paid $17.99 for the new Three Six Mafia record. WRONG! You need to buy that shit on iTunes if you want to listen to it on yr iPod, dumbass. CDs are for CD players, not iPods.

Also, via WFMU's Beware of the Blog, Epic Records, a subsidiary of Sony BMG, is hiring unpaid interns to write gushing prose about their bands on blogs and MySpace pages. As if those horribe faux-graffiti Sony PSP ads you see all over the city aren't embarrassing enough for them. With companies this creative and committed to finding the best artists for their customers, I wonder why record sales keep going down every year?

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