We Take the Pyrex and Then We Rock With It

Since people seem to enjoy talking shit about Crash, here's a link to the best review I've read about it, by the illustrious Jace Clayton, aka DJ /rupture. Excerpt:

Crash only works as a litany of white racial fantasies. In a certain sense, it's instructive as such. There are people (Haggis and the Oscar board at least) who see in this hyperbole a believable portrait of Los Angeles. And, within that, they value his attempts to entertain and instruct us about this portrait. The arrogance and unwillingness to listen that enables the film to succeed is darkly impressive. The grandeur of imagining society as pieces on your chessboard, manhandling them, then lecturing us about how those pieces behave.

So the question becomes: what is Crash trying to make real? Phrased differently -- what realities are masked by the dramatic, well-lit 'Reality' of Crash?

I know some people who really, REALLY loved this movie. That kinda scares me.

In other Oscar blogging, I love this picture of Three 6 Mafia backstage at the Oscars, from CBS News/So Many Shrimp.

Per Paul's request, I have to mention this amazing Juvenile video that was posted by The Shrimp. It takes place in post-Katrina New Orleans, and not the part that's "coming back" as they say. In addition to giving you a good hard look at what it really looks like down there, the video and the song are both intelligent and disturbing commentaries on life in New Orleans. I'll take this video over crash any day. Of course it contains obligatry Bush-hating, which is warranted, but there's so much more, which is why you really should click it up.

P.S. Watch what you say about Weezy F. Baby.

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AlmightyScrabblor said...

from the boards below rupture's article... hA!

adam (email) (link) - March 6 2006

crash to me seemed like a movie that Michael Rapaport's character in Bamboolzed would create to deal with racism.