How Other Parents Annoy Me #48

Why do you need to bring a shitload of toys to the playground? The playground IS the toy.

Children seem to have an innate understanding of the communal nature of the playground equipment. It's not your slide, it's not his or hers, it's everybody's slide equally. Simon has never had trouble with this concept, and I have witnessed only 2 or 3 episodes of mistaken claims of playground ownership.
Toys brought from home are a whole different thing. Since we never bring any, we always find ourselves on the side of the envious child, peering longingly at what has got to be the most amazing ball/bubbles/babydoll stroller he has ever seen. What can you do in this situation? My tactic is usually to encourage Simon to ask nicely if he can play with the toy, and then hope that the other kid is well-practiced in the art of sharing. But what if sharing is not this kid's forte? Or what if some other kid beats Simon to the punch? Depending on his mood, I might be able to draw his attention to something else, like the actual playground. Other times (like today) I may have to carry him back to the car crying inconsolably.
Don't get me wrong. I'm all for teaching your kids that they can't always have what they want, that they have to take turns, etc etc. But I think a playdate is a more appropriate venue for practicing those interactions. The playground doesn't work well, because you just can't share two little golf clubs with five kids. And it sucks to be the odd one out.

I would be so happy if I never saw another piece of personal property at the playground again. Leave it at home, people! Play on the PLAYGROUND, goddammit!

I should also acknowledge the possibility that I may just be pissed because I had to carry a 30+ pound mass of sobbing toddler to the car, and now my sciatica is inflamed and enraged like a swarm of furious fucking bumblebees. Ahhh... I guess all my complaints come back to my pregnancy. Some days I cannot believe that I did this to myself ON PURPOSE.
For anyone keeping track, we have 9 more weeks to go. Nine weeks sounds so manageable! Short, even! But two months sounds loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg.


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