Looking for Number 2

Back again. Don't ask where I've been. I'm pregnant and I have a toddler. In my frazzled mind this is reason enough to slack on the blog. Plus, you know the husband who talked me into doing this? He's not around anymore (in the bloggy sense only). But, I still have friends who read this. Plus, I'm bound to get more comments than him if he never posts. And more comments make me a better person, right? Yes, yes they do.

When I started this post I was going to write about how last night we had our very first potty success: about a pint of pee in the toilet! "Looking for Number 2" was meant to refer to a second potty success, which at the time I started this seemed elusive. But then it happened! Another pee in the potty as I was writing. Now I guess the Number 2 in the title can be in reference to poop; most things I read say that learning to poop in the potty is harder and can take longer, for some reason. Two successful pees in the potty are exciting, but this toilet training business is still exhausting. It involves a lot of bending over and kneeling in front of a toilet to help him clean up or encourage him to keep trying. Not the most comfortable positions for this big-bellied, leg-cramping period in my pregnancy. On Friday we will drive down to the grandparents' house and Simon will be staying there for a whole week. My ardent hope is that he'll come home using the potty like a pro. I don't feel one bit guilty about asking the grandparents to help in the training process. They're not that old, and at this point they have way more spring in their steps than I do.

Note: I have entered my third trimester now, aka The Whining Months. As you may have noticed, this is when the complaints about pregnancy and all its symptoms really pile up. Aren't you glad I started blogging again?


keeping english sexy said...

I like your liberal use of punctuation.

Beth said...

welcome back to your blog. I've missed you...