Because I'm completely batshit crazy

How do these stripes look to you? Good? Straight? Neat? Yeah, I thought you might say that.

Unfortunately, I just cannot see them that way. To me they are messy, messy, messy, and they have been for the entire year since we moved in here. I've always meant to get around to touching them up, and have now given myself a deadline: the stripes must be neat before the baby's arrival. Of course, I didn't work on them much in during my first or second trimesters, probably because it's not really a fun task, and because I am capable of prioritizing on some level. So now we are three to eight weeks (depending on the state of my blood pressure) away from baby day, most of the other items on my to do list have been accomplished, and I am putting in an hour a day on these goddamned stripes. I'm enormously pregnant, on a ladder, painstakingly touching up the edges of these stripes. I can recognize that it is ridiculous, but I'm unable to stop. I must continue. I must perfect the lines.

It won't help for you to say that they look great, that you can't even see the sloppiness I'm talking about, that no one ever looks that close, and that I should stop already. All of these things have been said. But I don't care. I will proceed with this utterly tedious task until it is complete.

Don't try to stop me. I don't want to have to poke you in the eye with my paintbrush.


Oliver said...
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Oliver said...

I had a friend once with exactly the same problem. His solution was to deliberately paint the stripes slightly askew for it had been the 'not knowing' that had upset him. This way he was certain that they were not perfect. He went crazy about 4 days later. No one has seen him since.