On Mother's Day, a Tribute to my Baby Daddy

It's 6:40 am here in the WuKids house, and Nate is still sleeping soundly, despite the noise Simon and I are making. He is a very tired guy, and with good reason.

The past few months he has been pulling more weight than usual around the house. My mom asked if he was going to cook for me on Mother's Day, and I said, "Well, maybe, but he does that every day." She was amazed. I guess I should be too, but it's hard to keep up that level of amazement when you experience this treatment every day.

Nate has been so completely supportive during this pregnancy, especially these last few months as things get physically harder for me. Like I mentioned, he cooks dinner each and every night. He's also doing all of the shopping these days. Anything that gets dropped on the floor during the day stays there until he gets home to pick up, since bending over is so uncomfortable for me now. He bathes and puts Simon to bed each night. These are all jobs that he may have done before, but now he does them EVERY SINGLE DAY, without variation, without a break.

Even before he started taking on more and more household duties, he was exhibiting the traits that so amaze my mother, but that I probably take for granted. Back in October, he was understanding of and soon joined my relentless campaign to make another baby NOW. He never flinched when I brought up the harebrained idea of a homebirth, just thoughtfully considered it, and eventually agreed to my burning desire.

Some people envision marriage as a 50-50 partnership, but in my view that's all wrong. I agree with the partnership part, but the ratio is constantly in flux. Each partner gives all that they can at a given moment. Right now is one of those times that Nate is carrying most of the load in our partnership, and he does so without a guarantee, or even the expectation, that things will be back to 'normal' someday. At this point in my life, this man is what I need more than anything else: a good and reliable partner. You should all be so lucky.
Happy Mother's Day, Daddy!


rocks said...

What a nice post and a great husband!! To think you have a caring man that realizes he needs to carry most of the weight right now is wonderful and I can see you know how luck you are!

Oliver said...

I understand! When I was pregnant Oli made my lunch for me every night for me to take to work the next day. Words cannot express how much I HATE preparing a bag lunch. He was so nice about it....and seeing the joy it brought to me, he currently continues this excellent habit. There should be a Nice Men's Day.