Southern Illinois. For real.

Sometimes people refer to anything south of Chicago as "Southern Illinois." I find this mildly irritating, having grown up in Central Illinois and made many, many trips to Southern Illinois in my lifetime, to visit my paternal grandmother. She lives in Harrisburg, which is honest to goodness the southern tip of the state. I have a special love for the area, as I lived there for two years with my Grandma during college.

We made a quick trip down and back this weekend. The only quick part was the actual visit at Grandma's house. The drive was not so quick, at about 6 hours each way. I really wanted to make the trip before we got too close to the baby's arrival. It will probably be another six months before we see Grandma or Southern Illinois again.

I may have more to say about the trip later. For now, enjoy these amazing pictures that Nate took while we were down there. Who knew I'd married such a fucking artistic genius?
Of course, having the world's most beautiful subject doesn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

OMG, ok, so you don't know me, my name is Katie. I am best friend's with Bethany Taylor, Colin's sister, and she occasionally reads your blog, and consequently, so do I. I was so excited to see that someone else knows about Harrisburg! I grew up there! Lived there from the age of 6 months to 8 years! Yay! Maybe I even know your Grandmother! how long has she lived there?

The Tricyclist said...

Wow. That is wild.

My Grandma's name is Carrie Sliger. She has lived in Harrisburg for a long time.... I think they moved there when my dad was in high school, so that would be at least 35 years. I would be surprised if you knew my Grandma... she tends to stay to herself. But maybe you went to the same church or something. Who knows?

I lived there with my Grandma for two years and went to the community college there. Some people go to college and embrace the freedom, partying wildly for that first year. Other people move in with their grandmother's and lead quiet, boring lives. Don't ask me... I can't explain it.

Thanks for commenting. That is a crazy coincidence.