Weird Shit on Amazon

Today I was shopping for some books and videos to prepare Simon for the upcoming birth. It was a fairly painstaking search, as I wasn't aware of any titles I should be looking for. Books were easy, but videos were a little tougher. Under the "VHS and DVD" category, I searched for "birth" and then for "baby." I found a few things that I think will help Simon, but I also noticed some odd selections. Wanna see?

Visual Bible for Kids: Birth of Jesus. Hmmm... didn't realize they caught that one on tape.

Miracle of Survival: The Birth of Israel. Only one of many, many offerings about the birth of Israel. Who knew Israeli propaganda had its own genre?

Dumpster Baby.

Kill, Baby, Kill. I'm sure both of these are just standard horror flicks, but their titles really stood out at the time. On the list of results for "baby," they were surrounded by oodles of Baby Einstein, Baby Genius, and Bi-Lingual Baby videos. I never realized there were so very many ways to boost my child's IQ by sticking him in front of the TV.

Praise Baby: Born to Worship. One in a series of videos to indoctrinate your children from the moment they leave the womb.

Baby Irish: Raising Tomorrow's ND Fan Today! Indoctrination of a different sort. But, no doubt, just as important.

That is all for today. Please note that none of these titles are on our Amazon wishlist.

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