Due Date Countdown: Eight Days

Last night was a bit of a bust, in that the Summer Dance was cancelled due to rain. We still went downtown, though, and had dinner in the park. It was lovely. Simon was monumentally exhausted when we got home. We brushed his teeth and put on his pj's while he was sound asleep.

I wanted to show you one of the projects I've been working on to stay occupied and keep my mind off the slow march of time. Here is a chair I painted and decoupaged. The image on the seat was given to me by Paul. I plan to sell this chair at my church's bazaar this fall. Those peace-nics will eat this shit up. I have several more chairs in the basement waiting to be beautified. I hope I can find some time to work on them after the baby is born; selling these dudes at the bazaar is how I intend to fund my next tattoo.

So far both of the chairs I've painted (I finished another one last week but didn't take a picture before putting it in the basement) have shared the peace theme. I'm directly pandering to the crowd at my church. Is that a dirty trick? Maybe, but I really want my tattoo. And, I don't think exploiting a love of peace is the worst thing I could ever do. At least I'm not covering these little kids' chairs with guns and then hawking them at the Renegade Craft Fair. Because you can believe that the crowd there would fall for that as readily as my fellow church-goers will fall for the peace motif.

I'm not going to start another chair now. I'm telling myself that I wouldn't have time to finish it before I go into labor. I really hope I'm right.


Oliver said...

Cool! The chair is fantastic and like the little stool you made for Lily. Much talent here. We've got some bean bag boards that are in need of painting and I'm struggling for ideas.

abbie said...

You are seriously so damn creative and talented it's almost disgusting. Darn you. I tried to redo some chairs in our house--but it merely consisted of me stapling some new fabric over the cushions. This chair is just amazing. I am in awe, my friend.