It's such a shame that the euphoric experience of giving birth in my own bathtub has to be followed by the toe-curling pain of learning to breastfeed. Pushing a seven pound mass out of a 10 cm orifice seems like a cakewalk compared to having a small creature chomp on my raw nipples for half an hour. For one thing, I knew that the pain of labor was going to end at some point. This new pain repeats itself every 3 hours.

I feel bad that my first post after the birth (other than those gorgeous pictures! can you believe how beautiful he is?! gasp!!) is so negative. What can I say? This nursing thing is really, really difficult for me right now. I keep telling myself it's only day 3, and that it will get better. This bring me some measure of comfort, but then I remember that the common time frame given to struggling nursing mothers is 2 weeks. "Give it two weeks," says every expert. And from this vantage point, 2 weeks seems like a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time. I will keep going, though, because after such an awesome birth, I refuse to succumb to the same failure to breastfeed that I experienced last time.

Let me also just say that you can expect the quality of writing in this here blog to go down for a while. Not that the writing was ever great, but any degree of clarity that once existed may be replaced by late-night or wee-morning ramblings such as this one. My brain is melting. It's true.

Finally, thanks, everyone, for your good thoughts and well wishes. I want to see you all soon, but I think it's best to hold off on accepting visitors until I have a little better handle on the nursing. It's for your own good. If you come now, you're at risk of seeing me walk around with my hands constantly on my tender breasts, looking forlorn and on the verge of tears. So, let's wait a bit, shall we? Can't wait for you all to see this guy. He is beautiful. Worth every bit of every complaint I'll be making here.

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Oliver said...

As soon as your milk comes in it will get better! Less painful! In the meantime, I sympathize. There was a point on Lily's second night when my poor nipples were dying and I made a screaming face without making sound so as to relieve some pain without scaring the poor child. But on the 4th day, my milk came in!