Waiting, just waiting.....

Jewel (the midwife, you'll remember) came over yesterday for a home visit. She scoped out our place, made sure we have all the supplies we need, and checked on my blood pressure and the baby's heartbeat. Everything looks good.

On Tuesday I will be 38 weeks. It feels amazing to have made it this far, but now I am ready. Ready to go. Any time now... Last time things happened so suddenly that I never got to this waiting stage. I'm trying to stay busy with small projects, things I wouldn't mind putting aside if necessary. Also this weekend we have several events, so that's good. Anything to keep me occupied is a helpful ally against my bubbling impatience.

I'll keep you all posted, of course.


Big Brother Matrix said...

i wish your family the best with your upcoming birth!

Oliver said...

Hope your baby shower was showertastic. Oli and I have some baby and parent goodies we should bring by soon before that baby has its home-birth-coming-out party.