Four Weeks: A Little Distance Makes a Big Difference

Theo is four weeks old today. Nothing much to say about that... just thought I would mention it, as it is the reason I'm writing today. My goal for this blog now will be a weekly Wednesday post, coinciding with the anniversary of my baby's birth. Keep an eye out for that 6-week post, and we'll see if the sleep schedule is becoming any more merciful.

We are a week out from the decision to move to Central Illinois, and what a difference a week can make. I am feeling much better, in no small part thanks to the support and kind words from my friends. I had a few truly dark days there, but as time passes I am able to see the situation more clearly, and I feel less desperate, and more resolved to make it work.

Also, yesterday we made a decision that I think will really help: Instead of Peoria, we are looking at Bloomington-Normal. Nate will be working in Morton, which is equi-distant from Peoria and Bloomington, so the commute was not a factor. Since the distance from work was a non-issue, we were free to examine the benefits of moving there:
- Because Simon will likely be entering kindergarden while we live there, Bloomington seemed like the better option; their schools are notably better than Peoria's.
-Bloomington is still a lot closer to our families, but it's not close enough for people (namely, my mom) to just pop-in. The potential for frequent pop-ins was one of my greatest concerns about being in Peoria, so to have that threat eliminated is a relief.
-Since we'll be so close to ISU, I am hoping to go back to school. I had always planned to wait until my kids were in school before I started classes again. But while we are close to family, I figure I should take advantage of the free childcare. Nate's mom has graciously offered to help out in that regard, so I am going to go for it. Also, as I am harboring hopes that we'll get back to Chicago before too long, I thought staying busy with school might help the time down there fly, until we can get back home. Now I just have to decide what I want to be when I grow up.
-From the little research we've done so far, I'm pretty sure we can afford to rent a HOUSE. With a YARD. Hoo, baby.
-Did I mention NO POP-INs???

So, Bloomington it is. It doesn't take the sting out of moving away from Chicago and dismantling my cozy home, but it certainly makes it more bearable.

Thanks again, everybody, for your encouragement and understanding after my last few posts. During one of the darkest periods of my life, your words gave me permission to feel what I was feeling. So I felt it. It was hard. And then I was able to start moving forward. So thank you. I am a lucky girl to have such friends, and I know I'll have you no matter where we are living.


Mom said...

So you don't want me to pop-in. I quite understand

Angela said...

I was wondering if your mom read this blog...I've done that to my mom on my blog, too!

Also, how excellent that things are working out!