We had a baby. I got fired. Here's a list of good stuff:

  • Simon. I know Theo is supposed to occupy this first spot, but the fact of the matter is that Simon is just killing me right now with how well he has taken this having a new brother thing. He's in a period of major transition right now, and he's grown up in a lot of ways in these last two weeks. Amazing kid.
  • Theo. I'm not much of a baby person... not because I don't like babies but because they just get so much better when they get out of that allIdoissleepeatpoopcry phase. But Theo is damn cute and I'm learning how to be a dad to an infant, which is so different from being dad to a 3 year old. Plus, he looks JUST LIKE Laura, which is awesome. As Susan mentioned, I guess we know which one is going to be the troublemaker now.
  • Laura. Could write a lot about why this is right now, but to put it simply, ol' girl is operating off of 5 hours or so of sleep a day that she gets in 2 hour shifts, and she still manages to post up funny ass stories about her ex-boyfriend on this here blurg.
  • T.I. King Best new hiphop album that I've heard this year. And yes, I know 12 year olds listen to this stuff.
  • Shawnna Block Music Common's gone, Kanye's gone, but we still have Shawnna in Chicago. And Block Music isn't as good as Be of course, but it's worth a few digital spins.
  • Speaking of Common, "They Say" would be one of the best songs ever except... damn it Kanye's just not a very good rapper. Restraint Kanye, restraint.
  • Bush says he's going to veto something. Please, kid, we remember McCain's torture bill amendment. Pull yr signing statements out! Bush using the veto.... that's some funny shit.
One more thing. I've been kicking around the idea of doing a weekly podcast, it would just be music I'm listening to and me talking about it. 4 or 5 songs, probably a ~30 minute long mp3 every week. I'd just post it here and you could click and download that and listen and show off yr hot new tunes to all yr special friends. Would you kids download it? Post a comment or email or whatever. I know most of ya'll come here for those good mommy stories, so I'm not gonna be hurt if no one says "yes". I don't wanna put in the work if no one's listening.


The Tricyclist said...

a post from my husband???? wha???

yeah, i'll listen. but i kind of have to. marital obligation.

what about you other peeps?

Oliver said...