Old-Timey and New-Fangled

Yesterday I ordered my baby announcements, and most of you will probably be receiving one in the mail in the coming weeks. You know, mail.... in your mailbox, with postage stamps affixed. I don't know when in history baby announcements were actually announcing something. I guess it was before the advent of the phone. Nowadays everybody knows about the baby before they get the announcements, if the parents even choose to send one out. Nate thinks announcements in this day and age are a ridiculous waste of time and money. I can see his point. Not only do all of our friends and family already know that Theo is here, but they have probably met and held him, or at the very least seen a picture of him on this here blog. Still, I don't care. I send out announcements because I like the feel of paper in my hand. I like the idea that someone might save this memento, even if it's only the grandparents and myself. I'm just old-fashioned that way.

Here is something not at all old-fashioned. It's a video of my very own boys, right here on the internets!!! Thanks, Oli. This was a big hit, especially with its star. We pushed the "replay this video" button 3 or 4 times. Brilliant.

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