Pet Peeve

I can't stand stupid statements like this one about kids music. This is one of many times I've seen this, the ol' "Man almost all the kids music out there is shit, but this one artist/album/etc., their music is really good." First off, usually when people say this, the kids music that they prefer to traditional kids music is music that kids don't actually like... it's music labeled kids music but really aimed at parents, who then get to:
A. Feel cool because their kid listens to crazy kids music that all the other kids/parents have never heard of.
B. Listen to music that sounds exactly like all the other music they listen to, but pretend that their kids are enjoying it more than adult music because it's marketed as kids music.

Kids music is repetitive and cheesy because that's what kids like. I don't enjoy Sesame Street very much (for myself, as a kids show I think it's brilliant), but that doesn't mean that I think Simon would enjoy The Office or Weeds more.

Another thing about this that annoys me, and it's not really fair but I can't help it, is that it reminds me of all those dudes out there who argue that "hiphop mostly sucks, but there's this one hiphop group" or "country sucks, but there's this one country band" or "opera is lame but there's this one DJ who mixes opera and crunk..."

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Oliver said...

I'm going to have to take issue here, Laura. Country music does indeed suck, as you pointed out, but there is no one band or singer that is any good. Country music is just shit. Period.

Except Shania Twain and the Dixie Chix, they rock! My kids can listen to them, for sure.