Back to Life, Back to Reality

No, it's not 90's flashback day here at WuKids; it's the day Nate goes back to work and our good friends head back to their home in Kentucky after a week-long visit. It's the first day of my normal life after having had Theo and making the move to Bloomington. I'm finally on my own with these two boys, this time for good, not just for a day or two at a time. It's real and it's a long-term deal.
I've had a lot of help up until now... people going to the grocery store for me, people bringing me water while I nurse. I'm going to miss the special treatment, but I'm looking forward to establishing some sort of routine.
Simon begins preschool one week from tomorrow. I'm exited about my two hour break, but trying to keep a realistic view of what I can get done in that time. Maybe I'll just use it to nap for a while. Hmmm.

I tried to post some cute pictures to make up for the boring nature of this post, but Blogger isn't cooperating. I'll try again tomorrow. Until then.

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