Bob Dylan: Good Songwriter, Bad Music Critic

"You listen to these modern records, they're atrocious, they have sound all over them."
-Bob Dylan

P.S. I wonder what John Cage would think about this complaint.


Oliver said...

I'm not a music critic but I did give Mr Dylan a good and fair listening to, I just found his songs incredibly annoying. I deleted the lot. Good riddance to Dylan.

Jay said...

I think his point is less a criticism of the actual music being produced than that he thinks the actual CD medium is less quality than that of vinyl and/or cassettes. I think?

Plus, he's old and crotchety.

And Oliver, you're wrong.

Oliver said...

One can't be wrong about what they like and dislike.

It may be wrong to state an opinion without any basis, i.e.not having listened to Bob Dylan, but I did listen to him - a lot, and I found his music an annoyance that tried my patience.