It's Me Again, Finally.

Hi, Everybody.

Just a few free minutes to give you a quick update on the move and the state of my fragile little heart.

As much as I wanted to hate Bloomington, it's turning out to be a pretty okay place. Here is a reader's digest version of what I love and what I could live without.

Let's do the dislikes first:
1. Next door is a lady who runs a daycare out of her home. Simon, social butterfly that he is, always wants to go outside and play with her charges as they ride trikes around the driveway. This wouldn't bother me, except that I'm not crazy about how this lady interacts with the kids. Plenty of yelling, a dash of sarcasm, and blatant stereo-typing (the first time we went over there, she pointed out to me the trouble-maker, the cute one, the smart one, and the dud). I want Simon to play with other kids, but I don't enjoy hanging out with our neighbor. Maybe she'll retire soon?
2. As Nate mentioned, another of our neighbors has a demolition derby car. He can frequently be seen (but mostly heard) wailing on it with, I kid you not, a huge sledgehammer. It's loud, but also amusing. I can usually chuckle about it, except when it happens while somebody is trying to nap. Then it's downright annoying.
3. Our only bathroom is upstairs. At first this was really irritating. But I guess I'm getting used to it.
4. It's not Chicago. So that stinks.

On the upside:
1. This house is pretty sweet. We have sooooooooooooo much space, it's out of this world. An attic and a basement. Big bedrooms. A porch. I've never had a porch before in my life, so I'm eating it up. After working hard for these last few weeks, this place is finally beginning to come together. And it looks nice.
2. When Sam was here for a visit, he explored the town a bit, something we've been too busy to do. Among his discoveries were a delicious Thai restaurant, a nearby park, and a cute little health food store within walking distance. I was pretty thrilled to know about these places as one of my major complaints about moving down here was that I wouldn't be able to walk anywhere. But I have been proven wrong, happily.
3. After a few days of keeping Simon cooped up and heinously bored in the house while we worked, it became clear that one of my first priorities should be finding a preschool for him. As luck would have it, we found a cooperative preschool right down the street. It's a 5 minute walk, and the teachers exuded love for their students. They quickly won us over. We took a tour in the morning and by day's end we had called to reserve our spot in the 10-child class. Simon will be at school from 9-11:30 every Tuesday and Thursday, starting in a few weeks. I am excited. For one thing, Simon and I could use an occasional break from each other. Also, I know Simon will LOVE school. He'll love the kids. He'll love the play. He'll wow the teachers with his encyclopedic knowledge of animals. All this, only 2 blocks away from our house! Glorious.

I think I'll always pine for Chicago. But life here in Bloomington might not be as bad as I thought. I can be happy here, I think. It's getting better all the time.

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