Public Service Announcement

I've been meaning to post about this for a long time. I'm wondering if all you blog readers out there know about Bloglines. Nate and I are the only ones who subscribe to our blog, so I am guessing that our regular readers may not know about this awesome site.

Bloglines allows you to "subscribe" to your favorite blogs. Then, instead of going to each individual blog, you just log into your Bloglines and it tells you who has a new post. That way you don't have to come over here all the time only to discover that we haven't written anything new. It's so easy... I subscribe to 56 blogs. Since Bloglines tells me when they have a new post, I don't waste my time looking at old stuff. It's brilliant. You should try it. If you regularly read more than one blog, it's totally worth your time to go over there and create an account. You can thank me later.


Oliver said...

Like RSS feeds.

The Tricyclist said...


Oliver said...

Are you really a tricyclist?