This kid definately has my DNA

In the car today, on our way to Wal Mart, a transcript of my convo w/Simon:

(turn on the car, radio is tuned in to WESN [which is not bad by the way])

Simon: What kind of music is this?

Me: Rock music. (Simon has been learning about the different genres of music lately)

Simon: What's this rock music about?

Me: It's about how this guy likes a girl.

Simon: I want to hear rap music.

Me: Me too.


Oliver said...

Soon he'll be rapping about his favourite animals and the noises they make. You could compose a piece together.

Anonymous said...

that's so fucking awesome. Give the youngn a high five for me --- Colin

snokilla said...

That just made my day. I haven't read y'alls blog in a while, I'm playing catch up.
Miss you guys soooooo hard.
Glad things are good though.