I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was keeping the same schedule on the weekends as I did during the week, staying up at night and sleeping during the day. Last weekend I tried out changing it up and approximating a normal person's schedule on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it worked pretty well. Obviously, this allows me more time with Laura, Theo and Simon. Also I can go to church on Sunday with them. Last Sunday was my first time there and I was pretty much amazed at how cool it was. I was sure that I'd never be satisfied with any church we found down here, I was really wrong about that. It's definately quite different than our last congregation, but while that's bad in some ways (the sanctuary doesn't even approach the beauty of the one in Chicago) it's good in others (they are much more on top of things regarding kids).
Waking up in the morning also gives me time to do one of my favorite things: make delicious breakfasts for myself, Simon and Laura. Today it was buttermilk pancakes (from scratch, I don't get down with mixes), Morningstar Farms Veggie Breakfast Sausage Patties (I admit I would have preferred real sausage but we don't keep much meat in the house), a tasty orange, and some really good coffee.
If we haven't already mentioned it, there is a great local grocery called Common Ground downtown. It's basically everything you want in a local grocery, locally grown produce, lots of packaged food that you can't find in the other stores (e.g. kombu), shabbily dressed cashiers that are all either under the age of 30 or older than 65, and a guy with a goatee who works "man" into every sentance he says and asks "where's your partner" when I go there without Simon.

On a wholly different subject... politics haven't shown up on this blog in a long time, mainly because the thing that I was most interested in over the last few months was the Israel-Lebanon conflict, which I pretty much am totally unqualified to write anything about. But I have no problem saying that I think this "detainee bill" (what the news organizations are calling it) is the dumbest thing that the congress has pulled during this Bush term, if not the dumbest thing they've done in my lifetime. And people don't care. It has fallen off of the front page of Google News and hasn't gotten that much traction in the mainstream media... not blaming mainstream media here as much as I'm saying that people just don't care so they're not going to waste time reporting on it. Sad stuff.

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