When we lived in Chicago, getting Simon's hair cut was never a problem. Since we didn't get it cut often, we thought it was worth the splurge to go to Snippets, a Lincoln Park children's salon. They have seats shaped like cars and lions, and the walls are made to look like big trees. Most importantly, there are TV's everywhere, playing Dora the Explorer, The Muppets, or the kids' show de jour. Yeah, no wonder it wasn't a problem.

After moving, Nate's mom tried to take him to get his hair cut in Peoria, at a regular budget hair cuttery. No, sir. That was not happening. There was crying. There was screaming. There was running and kicking. Grandma surrendered, and Simon's mop continued to grow all summer.

Yesterday, after some persistent sweet-talking, I finally convinced him to get it cut. He drove a hard bargain, and before the negotiations were over I owed him a ride on the mall carousel and a lollipop. He looks handsome, huh?

Today was Simon's first day of preschool. He was very excited, and so was I. Here he is, exhibiting the world's cutest tiny turtle backpack.

Look at that face. Ooooo, oooo. We made a cute kid.
A good sign that a kid is ready for preschool, I think, is when you can't get their attention after they step into the classroom. As soon as we arrived, it was like I was no longer there. Bye, mom. I'm busy growing up.



Colin Hughes Taylor said...

Well, his old mop was mega cute, but the new cut is pretty rad. . . he'll quickly be the heartthrob of the preschool gals.

AlmightyScrabblor said...

I can see by that little girls face in the last picture that Simon already is the preschool hearthrob. I need to visit, maybe as my seasonal funemployment comest to a close.

On another note, how dare nate tell me about new music and not email it to me or post it on one of those websites he's repudited to post to?

-the gobfather