A Quarter of the Way Toward My Goal of Becoming a Centenarian.

Yesterday I turned 25. I got a porch swing, a beautiful letter from my husband, and a Weight Watchers membership. It was a nice day, but surprisingly void of any serious assessment of my life or reflection on age. Maybe my 26th birthday will involve a leisurely afternoon of self-evaluation, but I'm too tired for much thinking this year.

Update on the Big-Boy Cup:
The Goodbye Sippy Cups Ceremony was an unprecedented success. I am a parenting genius. He drinks from a cup now like he's been doing it his whole life. You know, all three years.


MJ Watson said...

Oh my gosh!! I so meant to email you happy birthday wishes as I was certainly thinking of you--and how I will be following in your footsteps very soon. And yes, lets leave the life pondering for next year... this year is too consumed with learning how to be the mother of two! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Angela said...

You are a Virgo as well? Que bueno. My b-day juast passed on September 18. Holla!