Third Shift, Please Be Kind

Theo slept through the night last night. 9 pm to 7 am. It was absolutely dreamy. I feel amazing this morning, like I could run a marathon. Or at least walk around the block.
I'm not expecting a repeat performance, though. If there's one thing I've learned from parenting, it's that change is the only constant. I'll just take each night as it comes, and be grateful for any small mercy.

Simon has been watching WonderPets all morning. We don't get Nick Jr., but Grandma Debbie bought 3 dvd's of this, our favorite show. Seriously, WonderPets is the best kids show ever. We all love it. Nate's mom, after hearing us rave about the show, did a little searching online with hopes of furthering her quest to buy Simon everything his heart desires. She found a site, which apparently looked legit, and put in her order. They arrived, but looked curious. No cases. Just three blank discs, wrapped in green bubble wrap. Grandma totally (but unknowingly) bought bootleg discs of our favorite show. And we are so grateful.

Nate is "sleeping in" this morning, after staying up as late as he could manage last night. This is his first attempt to acclimate his body to his new schedule. He starts third shift on Monday night at 11 pm. I got me a real working man now, with steel-toed boots and a union card. We're all hoping that the graveyard shift is a very temporary deal for us. Not the best arrangement for a family. The weekends will be the hardest, as Nate will have to maintain the same sleeping schedule 7 days a week. That means I don't really get a respite all week... I have the same childcare schedule 7 days a week. And Nate will miss out on the extra hours with his family that the weekend used to afford. Instead he'll spend the wee hours at home and alone, the solitary wakeful person in the house. I don't expect it to be too bad. Still, it will be nice to be normal people again, eventually.

September is here, and it is glorious. Have a lovely day, friends.

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