Working nights now. 11pm-7am, so now on the weekends I'm up all night by myself, at least until I get used to the schedule, an then maybe I'll try messing around with it a bit. I'm trying to step up my pretentious/seminal movie viewing game. Watched Man With a Movie Camera and Last Days. I'm really digging this new Gus Van Sant shit, by the way. Didn't see Gerry, but Elephant and Last Days were both fantastic. I guess he's making up for that stupid ass Psycho remake.

So I done did a new song, all by myself. First time I've done that in a long time. Here's some linkage:

Dow Jones "Get Yr Paper Up"

It's my first attempt at a new genre, IJM, or Intelligent Juke Music. While I'm really happy with how the song sounds, I can't say it's a great example of what I imagine IJM to be. Maybe the next song I do will be a better example.

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Oliver said...

Have you seen the Cinematic Orchestra with 'the man with a video camera'.

At their live gigs show the movie on a large screen behind them and then play a live soundtrack to it.